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X'traphia's Journey: Goodbye

X'traphia's Journey: Goodbye

I was a few minutes away from the mountain I'd guess. I had ridden hard for three days, and had only stopped when my horse needed a break. As we approached the spot on the map, directions appeared on the map. I had learned not to be startled by anything in the past few days, as I had met a snake who had given me directions, and a talkative whale.

So, this didn't surprise me, and as I read it quickly. Find the lake unseen, and on the south bank, you will find an X. Dig till you find the stone, and keep it safe and guard it well.

Luckily, I was approaching the south bank, and before I went to find the "X" I stopped for some food. Last night, I had stayed with a kind villager, and she had given me more food, as my supply had been totally run down. In fact, my pack was still bulging with it, but I only ate a bit at a time, knowing I could run out, and not knowing if when I'd be able to stock up again.

I had some bread and cheese, with a gulp of water, and then started looking for the X. I knew that it would not be in the sand, and I looked all around, till finally, I noticed two palm trees. I dug around there roots, with my hands, till finally, I hit something.

A small wooden chest sat there, and I carefully opened it. A small brownish stone sat inside, and off of some instinct I got out the compass, before turning it over. The stone had a mountain symbol carved out of it. What I mean is, there was a mountain symbol sticking out of the stone, and I fitted the stone and the compass together. As with the dust, the stone was suddenly absorbed, but I turned it around and there, under the glass, was a the stone. It was on the bottom of the compass, seemingly glued in pace there.

I slid to the compass into my pocket before heading back up to my horse, who was grazing. I swung onto her back, and looked at the map. There was a town about a league from here, and I could easily make it there before dark.

We galloped for about an hour, and then came to the town. I remembered this town from when I was younger. My family had stayed in a warm cave, as we were didn't have much money.

I remembered it had been behind a huge tree, and checked the map. The largest tree in the town was two blocks away from where I stood, and I quickly led my horse through the quiet streets.

By the time we got there, it was dark, and I quickly made a small fire, before setting up my stuff for the night.


My sleep was foggy, and the next morning was bright and crisp. I loaded my stuff, and then rode my horse out of town.

The morning was clear, and the air was clean. As we rode I decided that my horse needed a name, as I felt bad just calling it horse. I spent plenty of time thinking, and after a long while I decided on Coquina. It was perfect, as her skin was flicked with brown and chestnut colors, and soon, we had reached the ocean.

Coquina loved water, and she was soon running in the waves, with me on her back. I laughed and enjoyed myself for a time, before getting down to business. The maps clue was very cryptic this time, only saying that I would have to look behind me, and that something behind me would lead me to it. I frowned, and then thought for a moment. I put my back to the sea, and then turned my head around. There, was a dolphin, jumping and chirping happily.

I quickly jumped onto Coquina, and she happily ran towards the dolphin, who chattered, and led us farther into the ocean. When Coquina's back was getting wet, the dolphin stopped, and swam beside her.

Again, the sound in my head started, like when Glory had spoken.

Jump onto my back! It chirped happily. You are Glory's friend, correct? I can take you to the sea stone.

I just nodded, and told Coquina to wait. I may have imagined it, but I thought I saw her dip her head as I jumped onto the Dolphins back.

The first thing I noticed was that this dolphin was very large for a dolphin. It was as large as Coquina was, but wasn't very playful. It zipped across the ocean, and I stayed pretty dry the entire time.

Finally, the dolphin voiced inside my head again. This is an island of sand, and you will stay fairly dry here. I will pick you up soon, but you will find a hole, and in there, you will find a chest. Take only the stone you need, for the others will bring bad luck. Good luck!

It chattered one last time, before diving under the surface. I walked, wondering how I was ever supposed to find a hole. Suddenly, my foot slipped, and I looked down. That answered my question. A chest sat there, and I quickly went to the middle of the sand dunish thing, and opened it.

Inside, we're all sorts of stones, each one looking different then the one next to it. I looked at the compass, and shuffled in the box. Finally, I found a stone with a wave symbol, and slid it in. It fit!

I trudged back to where the dolphin waited, and boarded it. This time, the dolphin knew I was already wet, and did flips and things. By the time I got back to Coquina, I was drenched and shivering, and she galloped in to the beach, where I quickly dried of and changed into warm clothes. Coquina and I spent the night on the beach, watching the stars, before falling asleep.

Part Two

The dryad visit hadn't been worth mentioning. When I had asked, they presented the stone to me, and gave me some directions. I was to head further South till I got to a large plain. There, I would shine the light of the compass, and a Phoenix and Dragon, who would get me to some one. That person would get me home, and I was glad.

Coquina could feel my excitement of getting home, and galloped faster than ever, getting us through the 45 leagues easily. In two days, we were camped at the prairie, and she and I stood outside, as I flashed the rainbow light of the compass around. As if on call, birdsong, and a mighty roar filled the trees, and two creatures came out of the darkness.

They were fighting, and suddenly, another flash of light appeared, and a long legged elk stood there for a moment, before running between the two creatures, separating them, and the voice filled my head again.

What are you doing? If one of destroys the other, then the world will either be scorched, or freeze! This is below both of you. Stop it immediately.

The authority in her voice demanded no arguments. She stared at the two, catching there eyes.

I will take the horse to him, and you'll take X'traphia. No arguments! Now GO! NOW!

The Phoenix and dragon both sulked for a moment, and then the dragon approached me, offering a wing so I could pull myself into its back.

I did so, and immediately it took off. I held on tight, and soon, we were above the ground. As I stared at the stars, I fell asleep, although I don't know when.

When I awoke, we were landing in front of an old wood building. The dragon let me slide of, and then, I saw Glory and Coquina prancing towards me. Glory got to me first, and in a serious voice said "Thank you for helping us. You may come inside and see him, and then I I'll take you home. Follow me."

Glory led me inside, and we were met by a one eyed man. "Thank you for helping her." He said to Glory, before turning to me. "You have been most helpful. Thank you for going along with this. Here." He gave me my jade necklace, and I found myself wondering how he'd gotten it.

I fingered it, and suddenly, it popped open. How clever! A locket! Inside was the compass, changed to fit the shape of my necklace. I smiled, "Thank you. Good bye." I said, before turning.

Glory and I walked outside, I boarded her, and we were surrounded by a blinding flash of light.
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