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Embarrassing moments: Diving woe

The moment someone asked, I knew I was in for it. I could not dive. I had tried. It was just so hard. I mean, it always ended in a belly flop. We got into two lines, and started diving.

On my turn, I took a deep breath, and sprang into the water. In a perfect..... Bellyflop. I came to the surface.

"You need to curve more." Said Coach Sara. "And, you have to jump."

A second time, I came down in a bellyflop, and went to the back of my line. Everyone but Layney and I had almost a perfect dive. Ansley's legs were going into an arch like bridge thing though. I kept belly flopping, till finally, we moved on.

The next practice
About a month later

"We'll get out and practice dives!" Shouted Coach Sara.

I groaned. A month of work, and my dive still landed in a belly flop. At least I knew not to look at the others dives, so I didn't get embarrassed about mine. Coach Kelsey brought out a large metal pole. "You'll jump over this." I eyes it, knowing that I would not be able to dive over it. "Catlin, you'll help Jasper with her dives." Said Coach Kelsey.

My face felt hot, as Coach Kelsey instructed Layney and I into turtle dives. We squatted, and then went into a small dive. After a while, I had my dive, but I kind of couldn't tuck my head in, so I kept getting mouth full of water. But, I had accomplished my dive!
With lots of embarrassment.
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